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In order to realize marriage equality (same-sex marriage) in Japan, there needs to be legislation passed in the Diet granting those of the same sex the right to marry.


Moreover, if it is ruled in the court system that “not recognizing same-sex marriage is unconstitutional”, this will push the Diet to pass legislation legalizing it.

The power to sway the Diet and courts to recognize same-sex marriage is in the hands of many people such as yourself, who can stand up and vocalize your wish for its legalization and your opposition to this inequality.


Stating that you support realizing marriage equality (same-sex marriage), particularly to representatives from your area, can be very influential.


At Marriage For All Japan, we partake in many different activities to promote marriage equality (same-sex marriage) in Japan. These include sharing information about this issue, holding events, speaking with legislators, and conducting surveys. All of these cost money.

Becoming a monthly supporter or giving a one-time donation will go a long way to helping same-sex couples in Japan.



Let us all work together to create a society where people can freely choose to get married regardless of gender!