Pride7 Summit 2023

Pride 7 Summit 2023 Overview

The “Pride 7 Summit 2023”, an LGBTQ+ forum, took place on March 30 at the House of Representatives First Members’ Office ahead of the G7 Summit Hiroshima. Supporters and activists from around the world gathered to promote the rights of sexual and gender minorities. The forum aimed to facilitate discussions and policy recommendations related to LGBTQ+ issues, which will be presented to the leaders of G7 member countries.

“Pride 7 (P7)” is a new engagement group of the G7 focused on promoting the protection of LGBTQ+ rights and policy recommendations, which is the first of its kind in the world. It was launched with the aim of encouraging G7 member countries, including Japan, to fulfill their role as democratic nations and to make LBGTQ+ issues a key agenda item at the G7 Summit. The group aims to promote collaboration with international community and work unison to tackle LGBTQ+ issues.

On the day of the event, guests from G7 member countries, as well as the embassies of the Netherlands, Mexico, Austria, Australia, and various political, economic, and labour sectors in Japan, gathered to share their thoughts and provide topics for discussion related to the domestic and international situation, as well as issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, following the opening remarks.

Afterword, members of the P7, consisting of representatives and support group from 10 countries around the world (including all G7 member countries except Italy, as well as the EU, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mexico), conducted reports from each country.

After engaging in lively discussion with participating countries, a statement and draft version of the P7 communique aimed at policy proposals for the leaders of each country were announced.

We will continue to work towards submitting the communique to each government in the future.

Date and Time

Thursday 30 March 2023, 11:30 – 16:30 (JST)


International Conference Room, House of Representatives First Members’ Office

Organised by:

Pride 7 Japan Executive Committee

  • ・National Union for the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities (LGBTQ Federations) for legal and systemic reform to support individuals facing difficulties due to their sexual orientation and gender identity
  • ・Public Interest Incorporated Association, Marriage For All Japan
  • ・International Human Rights NGO, Human Rights Watch

Participating Organisations

G7 member countries and 11 LGBTQ+ related organisations active in Global South countries (titles omitted)

Mark Bromley (Council for Global Equality / US / Attendance at the venue)
Robbie de Santos (Stonewall / UK / Attendance at the venue)
Arnaud Gauthier-Fawas (Inter-LGBT / France / Attendance at the venue)
Julia Ehrt (ILGA World / Germany / Online participation)
Klaus Jetz and Philipp Braun (LSVD / Germany / Online participation)
Kim Vance-Mubanga (Egale / Canada / Online participation)
Linh Ngo (ICS Centre / Vietnam / Online participation)
Aranda-Arroyo, Luz Elena (Las Reinas Chulas Cabaret y Derechos Humanos AC and the International Canaret Festival & ILGA World / Mexico / Online participation)
Midnight Poonkasetwattana (APCOM / Thailand / Attendance at the venue)

Guest Speakers

Embassies of G7 member countries and others, including those in the Global South, businesses, academia, and G7 Engagement Groups (titles omitted)

Phillip Roskamp (Public Affairs and Cultural Exchange Counselor, US Embassy, Japan)
Matt Fraser (Counselor and Head of Public Affairs, Embassy of Canada, Japan)
Helen Smith (British Ambassador, Japan)
Klaus Fichtel (Minister, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany)
Stefano Stucci (Minister Conselor, Embassy of Italy, Tokyo)
Heitz-Martin Zejmal (Acting Ambassador, The European Union Delegation, Japan)
Saul Sambornano (Chief Counselor, Embassy of Mexico)
Claire Elias (Minister Counselor for Political Affairs, Australian Embassy)
Theo Peters (Minister Plenipotentiary and head of Mission, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Japan)
Stefan Heissler (Minister Plenipotentiary of the Austrian Embassy, Tokyo)
Masako Mori (Cabinet Minister, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, respobsible for promoting women’s empowerment and understanding of LGBT issues)
Yasuyoshi Karasawa (Deliberative Council of the Japanese Business Federations / Chairman of Diversity Promotion Committee / Chairman of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings)
Moriteru Takata (Chairman and CEO of EY Japan, Japan Regional Manager Parter)
Patrick Jordan (Head of Human Resources, Japan Coca-Cola)
Kohei Takashima (President and CEO, Oisix la Daichi Inc.)
Kumie Inoue (General Director of Policy Promotion Bureau, Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
Kazuko Fukuda (Co-Representative, Women 7)
Hideki Wakabayashi (Civil 7 G7 Civil Society Coalition 2023, Executive Secretary / JANIC Director / THINK Lobby Director)
Soichiro Chiba (Chairman, Youth 7)
Tsugu Ikushima (Representative, Peace Tokyo NPO)
Andrew (Palintiff in the lawsuit for same-sex partner visa rights for foreign nationals)
Lauren Fikes (Representative, Fruits in Suits, Tokyo)
Edward Myers (Senior Associate, DLA Piper / member of the Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network, LLAN)


11:00〜 Venue
11:30〜11:40 Opening speech
11:40〜13:30 Greetings and topic presentation from guest speakers
13:30〜14:00 Break
14:00〜15:00 Report from support organisations of each country
15:00〜16:15 Draft version of P7 Communique (not for public release)
16:15〜16:30 Closing remarks and Q&A session for the media

Pride7 communique endorsing organizations

  • - Japan Alliance for Legislation to Remove Social Barriers based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation, J-ALL) (Japan)
  • - Public Interest Association of Marriage For All Japan - Freedom Of Marriage For All Japan
  • - Human Rights Watch (USA/Japan)
  • - Council for Global Equality (USA)
  • - Stonewall (UK)
  • - ILGA World (Germany)
  • - LSVD (Germany)
  • - Egale (Canada)
  • - APCOM (Thailand)
  • - ICS Center (Viet Nam)
  • - Las Reinas Chulas Cabaret y Derechos Humanos AC and the International Cabaret Festival (Mexico)

Inquiry Alliance for LGBT Legislation, J-ALL)